Akkim djenadi:

Speaking and writting fluently in english and french ,I demonstrate I’m someone resilient , and with my mind made of steel I was able to reach my goal and get graduated in the It . 

Throught the years I earned a lot of skills ( webmarketing , webdesign, Cms…) I never say no to a new skill .
My biggest achievement is my own webside designed and developped from scratch all by myself.


If you’re looking for someone cheerfull with a strong mind I’m the man of the situation.

Contact me and maybe we will have a chat about opportunity in your compagny.

halles Castellane

Senzo Conseil

Communication manager

  • Social media strategy
  • Community management
  • Web design
  • Marketing watch
  • Process ‘s digitalization

Montpellier october 2020 – august 2021

halles Castellane

Halles Castellane 

Community manager

  • Social media strategy 
  • Management of social network
  • concurrential watch 
  • E-reputation 
  • Comments moderation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • design

Montpellier January 2020

d'or et déjà montpellier

D’or et déjà

Community manger

  • Mockup e-shop
  • Social media 
  • Administrative Management 
  • Graphical charter 

Montpellier 2018 2019

Préfecture de l'hérault

Préfecture de l’hérault

Communication assistant 

  • Pressbook 
  • Media watch 
  • Phone call.
  • Press invitation
  • Photography.
  • web articles .
  • updating the pressbook

Montpellier 2017

Informatique Plus

Informatique plus 

Extra Space

Project chief assistant 

  • Webdesign
  • Project management 
  • Visit cards
  • Banners

Montpellier 2016-2017

Informatique Plus

Erasmus + 

Extra Space


  • Served bar drinks including beers, wine, liquor and cocktails
  • Performed daily inventory audits
  • Performed wait staff duties for diners by taking food and snack orders and liaising with the kitchen.

Brescia Italy  may-june 2016

I also worked with :

Lisa Bacaresse, Jeniffer Conway, Isabelle Deschanel, Akkim Djenadi

I also worked with:

Lisa Bacaresse, Jeniffer Conway, Isabelle Deschanel, Akkim Djenadi


greta montpellier

Bachelor Greta Montpellier

Community manager



Brevet de technicien supérieur Greta Montpellier




Lycée Jean monnet Montpellier

A level  eropeean marketing



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